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Florida Man Accused of Fraudulent Roof Repair Claims (Video)


A 27-year-old man, Trevor Smith, faces charges in Hillsborough and Manatee counties over fraudulent roof repair claims following Hurricane Ian.


The alleged crimes date back to 2023 after Hurricane Ian struck. Smith, an independent contractor for Apex Roofing and Restoration, solicited homeowners under a state of emergency.

Alleged Fraudulent Activities

Smith reportedly approached a homeowner in Palmetto, offering a free roof inspection. He claimed significant damage, exaggerating the extent to secure insurance payments for roof replacement. Smith allegedly impersonated homeowners to initiate insurance claims.

Investigations and Legal Actions

The Florida Department of Financial Services is investigating Smith. He was first arrested last month, facing charges in Manatee County, including unlicensed contracting during a state of emergency. This week, he was arrested again in Hillsborough County for acting as a public insurance adjuster without a license.

Company and Legal Responses

Apex Roofing and Restoration stated their requirement for contractors to adhere to laws and company standards. They are reviewing the allegations and will cooperate with authorities. Smith’s attorney denies all charges and expresses confidence in his client’s exoneration once the truth is revealed.


The case underscores the prevalence of roofing scams post-disasters, contributing to Florida’s insurance crisis. The legislature has attempted reforms to reduce frivolous litigation and high-pressure scams.

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