Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Massive X-ray Machine Deployed in Peel Region to Reduce Auto Thefts (Video)


A $3.5 million x-ray machine has been deployed in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to combat rising auto thefts.

Purpose of the X-ray Machine

The machine is designed to scan shipping containers bound for Canadian ports to prevent the export of stolen vehicles. This initiative is a result of this year’s Summit on Combating Auto Theft in Canada.

Government and Law Enforcement Efforts

Politicians from various government levels attended the announcement in Mississauga. The initiative is part of a broader strategy involving regional police forces and the RCMP to gather intelligence and intercept stolen vehicles before they leave the GTA.

Technology and Organized Crime

The deployment of this technology is crucial to keep pace with organized crime, which uses advanced methods for auto theft. Police officials emphasized the need for equally sophisticated technology to combat these crimes.

Auto Theft Statistics

In Toronto, more than 12,000 vehicles were stolen last year, equating to one theft every 40 minutes. The federal government plans to amend the criminal code to impose stiffer punishments for auto thefts.

Proposed Punishments

Earlier this year, the province announced new measures, including a proposed 10-year driver’s license suspension for a first conviction of auto theft involving violence, use of a weapon, force, or theft motivated by financial gain.

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