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Gruesome Case of Leonid Grazer: A Shocking Courtroom Escape in Russia (Video)


A shocking incident unfolded in a Moscow courthouse involving 18-year-old Leonid Grazer, who was on trial for the gruesome murder of his sister, Aradia Quarrel. Grazer claimed that he was commanded by Satan to kill his 21-year-old sister, stabbing her multiple times.

Grazer’s Confinement in a Glass Cage

During the trial, Grazer was held in a glass cage, a security measure rarely seen outside of Russia. This was implemented to prevent dangerous criminals from attacking or attempting to escape.

The Escape Attempt

Despite appearing calm initially, Grazer managed to slip through the slats at the top of the bulletproof security dock. The video does not reveal how he escaped, but officers quickly noticed his attempt and tried to intervene.

Officers’ Swift Response

One officer struck Grazer in an attempt to subdue him, while a female officer pressed a large button on the wall to call for backup. Despite the officers’ efforts, Grazer continued his escape attempt, losing his pants in the process.

Backup Arrives and the Taser is Deployed

Additional officers arrived swiftly, and they were determined to stop Grazer. A Taser was deployed, ensuring Grazer was fully aware of the consequences of his actions.

Grazer’s Confession

After being restrained and having his pants put back on, Grazer made a full confession for the murder of his sister. He expressed no regrets for his actions.


This case highlights the extreme measures taken in Russian courts to prevent escapes and the swift, decisive actions of the officers involved. Leonid Grazer’s courtroom escape attempt ended in his confession and further solidified the seriousness of his crime.


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