Hurricane Beryl Becomes Category 5 Storm (Video)

Hurricane Beryl has intensified into a Category 5 storm, churning in the Caribbean. The storm is bringing gusty winds, heavy rain, and flooding to the region.

Impact on Barbados

Footage from Barbados’ south coast shows the storm pushing large volumes of water onto the shore. The intense winds are whipping around trees, creating dangerous swells and big waves in the water.

Meteorologist’s Insight

Chief Meteorologist David Chanley is tracking both Hurricane Beryl and the ongoing heatwave. The hurricane’s maximum winds have reached 160 miles per hour. Despite its strength, it is currently not impacting any land masses directly.

Path of the Hurricane

Hurricane Beryl is moving west-northwest at about 25 miles per hour. It is expected to reach Jamaica by Wednesday. Following that, it will head toward the Yucatan Peninsula by the end of the week. Although it is projected to weaken, it will still pose significant threats as it progresses.


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