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Proposed Housing Development for Somali Families Under State Investigation (Video)

A proposed housing development for Somali American families in Lakeville, Minnesota, is under investigation by the state attorney general. The development, named Nolosha Lakeville, is being scrutinized for allegedly misleading customers.

Allegations Against Developers

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office has raised concerns that the developers of Nolosha Lakeville have collected over $1 million from families in pre-reservation fees without making significant progress on the project. Despite representing that the reserved homes would be move-in ready by November 2023, the 40-acre site remains untouched, and the purchase of the land has not been completed.

Land Ownership Issues

One major complication is that the previous owners of the property are involved in the Feeding Our Future fraud investigation, which has resulted in the land being tied up in legal action by the federal government. This has prevented the developers from finalizing the land purchase.

Lack of City Approval

The city of Lakeville has confirmed that no development plans have been submitted for review. This lack of official planning has prompted state investigators to believe that Nolosha may have violated or will violate Minnesota law.

Developer’s Response

Abduwali Abdullahi, CEO of Nolosha, denies the allegations and insists that the project will be completed. He claims that there are 1,400 families on the waiting list and that the government’s motion is based on misinformation. Abdullahi has not provided clear answers regarding whether customers who wish to withdraw from the project can get their money back.

State’s Legal Motion

State investigators have filed a motion asking a judge to compel Nolosha to provide more information about the project’s status. The investigation continues as customers and authorities seek clarity on the future of the development and the funds already collected.

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