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JR Jackson from JR Sports Brief: From YouTube to Radio – DARF Interview (zoom)

Sneak Peak from the 25th Anniversary Magazine Issue. JR Jackson of JR Sports Brief, Cumulus Radio

What does it mean to celebrate Black Culture? It means celebrating the trials and tribulations, the successes and failures, the strength and resiliency, and the creativity and hard work.

JR Jackson of YouTube and radio fame exemplifies all of that. He started at a young age with a dream that even he forgot he mentioned to friends and he took that dream and went to work to make it come true.

He started in his room creating content for what would turn into over 1000 videos and 80 million views of JRSportBrief on YouTube and then expanding his brand to radio including his own show on CBS Sports Radio.

JR’s tagline is, “Sports opinions by a sports fan, for the fans,” and he really means it. He loves to interact with fans and understands without them there is no show.

While he has his strong opinions and will tell you if you said something off the wall, he respects fans’ opinions and encourages them to share with him. He believes in using his platform for more than just talking about sports.

He will address the issues affecting all of us and doesn’t mind having the “uncomfortable” conversation, because he does speak the truth.

He also plans to use his platform and his brand to help others succeed and fulfill their dreams. He hopes his legacy will be one of strength, compassion, hard work, dedication, truth, success, and an inspiration to others.

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