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99X Atlanta Welcomes Jill Melancon Back to the Airwaves

 Cumulus Media (NASDAQ: CMLS) announces that it has appointed Jill Melancon (known on-air as Jill Nelson) as On-Air Host, Evenings, on Atlanta’s Alternative, 99X (WNNX-FM). She will also anchor weekends on 99X. This marks Melancon’s return to the iconic 99X, who was on-air at the original 99X from 1992 to 2008. Melancon will reclaim the 99X mic on Monday, November 27th, when her weekday show will air Monday through Friday from 7:00pm-Midnight. Beginning in December, she will reprise her popular feature, “Planet Jill,” as a new music and independent act showcase that will air weekdays in the middle of her show. 

Cumulus Media’s 99X Atlanta Welcomes the Return of Original 99X On-Air Host, Jill Melancon

Cumulus Media re-launched 99X to an appreciative audience in December 2022. Earlier this year, the station welcomed the return of original 99X morning hosts, Leslie Fram and Steve Barnes to mornings on 99X, and Will Pendarvis to afternoon drive on the station, with Matt Jones on weekends. Most recently, Steve Craig returned in July as 99X Program Director and midday host.  

Steve Craig, Program Director, 99X, said: “The final member of the 99X Original Cast has returned! Jill has deep roots in Atlanta and was with us from the very beginning in 1992. Her incredible knowledge of music and ties to our local band community will be, as it was then, a valuable asset to the team.” 

Jill Melancon commented: “I’m thrilled to be back with my 99X Family… How many times in life do we get to go back to an amazing time in our lives and be with the same people? Spoiler Alert: Never! But I’m getting that opportunity and could not be more grateful.” 

For more information or to stream 99X, visit: or download the 99X app. 

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