Major Flooding in the Midwest Causes Widespread Devastation (Video)

Train Bridge Collapse and Water Rescues

A major flooding event in the Midwest has led to the collapse of a train bridge, prompting water rescues, evacuations, and road closures. The flooding has resulted in record-breaking amounts of water, causing significant damage and claiming at least one life over the weekend.

Impact on South Dakota

In South Dakota, the situation remains dire. The state’s Governor, Kristi Noem, reported that numerous homes were destroyed and evacuations continued into the early morning hours. A neighborhood visited by FOX’s Olivia Khamis showed powerful water currents submerging cars and roads, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Eyewitness Accounts

Residents are witnessing the devastating effects firsthand. One resident recounted how her boyfriend’s home was completely submerged, illustrating the extent of the flood’s impact. The floodwaters have also disrupted infrastructure, with propane tanks, boats, power lines, gas lines, and sewer systems affected.

Rapidly Rising Water Levels

Governor Noem highlighted the rapid rise of water levels, which reached 45 feet at around 3 a.m., seven feet higher than the previous record. This sudden increase in water level caused extensive damage, and emergency crews had to scramble to upgrade a levee.

Ongoing Concerns and Future Outlook

With more rain in the forecast, the situation could worsen. Rivers in the area are expected to crest midweek, raising concerns about further flooding. The Governor has urged residents to evacuate if possible to allow crews to conduct necessary cleanup and repairs.


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