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NYPD Confronts Venezuelan Gang Tren de Aragua in NYC (Video)


The NYPD is facing significant challenges with the increasing violent crime wave linked to Venezuelan gang members in New York City. This situation has become one of the department’s most pressing issues.

Escalating Gang Violence

The NYPD has identified members of the Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua, who have been infiltrating the U.S. The gang, initially involved in petty crimes such as shoplifting and stealing cell phones and jewelry, has escalated to violent shootouts. The NYPD believes the gang is attempting to grow its presence in New York City.

Recruitment and Presence in NYC

A video showing suspected Tren de Aragua members waving guns and flashing gang signs, believed to be made in Ecuador, is used to recruit new members. The same individuals have been seen in Times Square, indicating their established presence in the city.

Smuggling and Crime Tactics

Alleged gang member Bernardo Raul Mata confessed that gang members are being instructed to shoot police officers. The gang is also smuggling firearms into city shelters inside food delivery packages to bypass metal detectors. Additionally, a new drug, referred to as “Tussy” or pink cocaine, is beginning to appear in the city.

NYPD’s Response and Challenges

The NYPD is determined to combat this gang violence, claiming some successes in taking down networks of individuals. However, challenges remain, such as the issue of screening food containers for contraband in city-run migrant shelters. The city has responded by retraining security to ensure these items are properly screened.


The NYPD remains committed to overcoming this challenge and keeping New Yorkers safe, despite the escalating violence and sophisticated tactics employed by Tren de Aragua. The department is confident in its ability to address and resolve these issues.

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