Presidential Debate Analysis from FOX 5 Panel (Video)


FOX 5 News held a discussion panel to analyze the recent presidential debate, featuring insights from Tharon Johnson, CEO of Paramount Consulting, and Brian Robinson, President of Robinson Republic.

Key Moments and Reactions

President Biden faced criticism during the debate, particularly for losing his train of thought at the 22-minute mark during discussions on immigration. He exhibited a raspy voice and struggled at times to articulate his points. Despite these issues, he was commended for his perseverance and patriotism in finishing the debate.

Impact on Democratic Strategy

The panel noted that Democrats might need a serious conversation about Biden’s candidacy moving forward. Despite a less-than-stellar performance, it was acknowledged that the campaign isn’t decided in June, and Biden might have opportunities to recover in future debates.

Republican Perspective

Republicans viewed Biden’s debate performance as a potential game-changer, predicting that it might lead to the end of his candidacy. The panelists suggested that the Biden campaign might revert to a less public strategy similar to the one used in 2020.

Biden’s Physical and Mental Condition

There was significant focus on Biden’s mental and physical state, with criticisms about his ability to maintain coherent thoughts on key issues. Robinson expressed doubts about Biden participating in future debates, suggesting his mental decline was evident.

Democratic and Republican Campaigns Moving Forward

Democrats are urged to motivate their base and refocus their campaign efforts. The Republicans were not entirely satisfied with Trump’s performance either, noting that he didn’t make any substantial policy announcements to energize voters.


The debate analysis concluded with the panel acknowledging that memorable moments from this debate will linger, potentially impacting the campaign. Both parties are expected to have tough internal discussions about their strategies and candidates going forward.


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