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Ola Ray’s Thriller Tribute (Video)

Perhaps you are old enough to remember Ola Ray from one of Michael Jackson’s biggest videos of all time, Thriller. Well here we are 30 years later and Ola Ray has decided to dedicate a song to Michael.


  1. That is the worst song & video I’ve ever heard & seen! She used to be so fine. I used to wonder what happened to Ola Ray, I wish I could have kept wondering. Remember Michael, “Forget” this!

  2. What a disgrace to the King of Pop! She must be seriously desperate for money, well she really ain’t gettin none now.

  3. Whoa there cowgirl! Take that saddle and put it back in the barn where it belongs. Why not just write a fake tell all book about how MJ was beasting you in the bedroom…

  4. She tried, but what was that???????? Cheap made video and the music was terrible. She could have thought of something else to do besides disgrace Mike with this one.

  5. This was the worst video I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. Why didn’t somebody tell Ola not to make a fool of herself like that? OMG Michael Jackson being the perfectionist that he was I’m sure is turning over in his grave right now. This in nonsense and should not ever be compared to any of Michael’s work. Shame on you Ola. That video needs to come down now!!!


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