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Stevie Wonder’s MJ Demo Leaks

 (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images For All Money In Records and Atlantic Records)

Most people around the world know that stevie wonder is an amazing songwriter. Also, most people know that stevie wonder wrote Michael Jackson’s song “I Can’t Help It” that appeared on this Off The Wall album. The song is one of my personal favorites and I always wondered what the studio session was like when those two icons came together. Well, you can at least hear Stevie demo the record. Feel free to check a genius at work.


  1. Stevie is a musical genius, and this is a wonderful song, but this is NOT a studio demo of “I Can’t Help It.” It was likely a more recent live recording, as Stevie’s voice is a little huskier sounding than it was back in the 1970s. Stevie also performs this song occasionally during his own concerts, especially after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.
    But here’s the biggest tell-tale clue it’s not a demo of the song: At 2:59, Stevie sings, “You’re hearing the best Christmas music, 24-7, on KOST-FM.” It sounded like Stevie was performing this for a radio station-sponsored concert. KOST is an adult contemporary radio station in Los Angeles that plays nothing but Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day ever year. But in 1979, when Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” album came out, KOST had an “elevator music” format and didn’t do the seasonal all Christmas music until the 1990s.

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