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Tanya Nolan’s ‘FEELING MY SEXY’ Contest Launch!

Tanya Nolan, the celebrated R&B sensation and visionary behind ArtsessionZ Record Label, is thrilled to launch the “Feeling My Sexy Contest.” The contest is open now.



The transformative campaign aims to empower women across HoustonGalveston, and Atlanta by celebrating their confidence and self-love. The “Feeling My Sexy Contest” presents a unique opportunity for women to embrace their inner beauty and confidence.

Three lucky winners from each city will have the exclusive chance to win an all-expense-paid makeover experience, curated by Tanya Nolan and her expert team at ArtsessionZ Record Label.

This makeover extravaganza includes styling, a new hairstyle, professional makeup, and a glamorous photoshoot to capture the essence of their newfound confidence.

Tanya Nolan expressed her excitement about the campaign, stating, “We are excited to launch the ‘Feeling My Sexy Contest’ and provide women with an empowering experience to embrace their beauty and confidence.

Through this campaign, we aim to inspire women to feel sexy and empowered, regardless of age or background.”

Logistics for the makeover experience will ensure a seamless and luxurious journey for all participants. Winners and their guests will meet Tanya and her team at a selected hair salon or photography studio, with Executive Ground providing transportation.

The “Feeling My Sexy Contest” will be promoted across all of Tanya Nolan’s social media platforms. Teaser clips of her latest single, “Honey,” will be integrated into the campaign narrative, amplifying the message of confidence and empowerment.

ArtsessionZ Record Label will also collaborate with press outlets to generate buzz and excitement around the contest.

We believe in the power of music and empowerment to uplift and inspire,” said Tanya Nolan. “By combining my latest single, ‘Honey,’ with this transformative campaign, we hope to create a movement that celebrates self-love and acceptance.” “HONEY” was written by Tanya Nolan and Raheem DeVaughn and produced by Karl Powell Jr. (KP The Colleagues) and Timothy L. Jordan. “Honey,” is a fusion of passion and soul, creating an indelible imprint on the charts. “

The song is a blend of raw emotion, sensuality, and an unapologetic celebration of love. Music fan can anticipate a musical journey into passion and desire and a different side of me,” shares Tanya.

HONEY” made its exclusive world premiere on and the release of the single was celebrated with a huge Billboard in Times Square, New York.

The “Feeling My Sexy Campaign” promises to be a groundbreaking initiative, fostering a culture of self-love and acceptance through Tanya Nolan’s soulful melodies and inspiring narrative.

Let us unite in making #FeelingMySexy a movement that empowers women and celebrates their unique beauty. To enter, contestants can visit her website and fill out the contest form: entry deadline is Friday, April 13, 2024.

The LGBTQIA+ activist and openly gay woman of color, continues to give music lovers exactly what they came to get, “good music“, as she plans to continue to release new music frequently in anticipation for a bigger body of work. “I’ve been working at my musical craft most of my life and have put out music before, but this time just feels different.

I am in a space where I can follow my dreams freely, control my destiny and tell my own personal truth,” she adds. “I hope that my fans will relate to my stories and vibe with me on this journey.”

Tanya continues to make a mark in the world and takes her place alongside influential figures such as Taylor SwiftSnoop DoggQueen Latifah, and Oprah Winfrey on a new poster promoting READ, a project of the American Library Association (ALA). The campaign aims to champion the cause of literacy and highlight the importance of reading, using the influence of cultural icons to inspire individuals to explore the world of books.

Tanya Nolan’s involvement in the ALA Celebrity Read campaign is a testament to her commitment to fostering a love for literature. Recognizing the transformative power of literature, she believes in the ability of books to uplift, inspire, and broaden horizons. The chosen book for Tanya Nolan’s feature on the poster is Maya Angelou’s “The Heart of a Woman.”


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