The Current State of the Housing Market in Rockford, Illinois (Video)


The housing market in Rockford, Illinois, is experiencing significant changes as residents face escalating home prices and challenging market conditions. Here’s an overview of the current situation based on recent observations and data.

Rising Home Prices in Rockford

Despite being one of the hottest housing markets in the country, Rockford remains relatively affordable compared to national averages. The median home price in Rockford is $192,000, significantly lower than the national median of $400,000. However, home prices in Rockford have been increasing year-over-year, making it difficult for many potential buyers.

Limited Housing Inventory

The housing inventory in Rockford is extremely low, with only two houses currently for sale in the neighborhood highlighted. This scarcity of available homes is driving up prices as demand outpaces supply. Many homeowners are listing their properties to capitalize on high prices, but they are often overestimating what buyers are willing to pay.

Price Adjustments and Withdrawn Listings

According to Redfin, the number of listings with price drops rose to 6.12% in the week of June 9th, the highest since 2022. Additionally, about 9% of listings were taken off the market without selling as sellers were not getting their desired prices. This rate is double the usual since 2017, indicating a significant shift in seller expectations and market dynamics.

Property Tax Comparisons

Property taxes in Rockford are notably high compared to other regions. For instance, a house sold for $174,000 in 2017 has a property tax bill of almost $6,000 annually. This is much higher than in states like Florida, where similar property tax bills apply to homes valued at around $400,000 to $450,000.

Challenges for Homeowners and Buyers

The housing market’s affordability crisis is not only about high prices but also the increasing costs associated with maintaining a home. For example, insurance premiums for a house in the Midwest have nearly doubled from February to June 2024, significantly impacting overall housing affordability.

Declining Population and Rising Prices

Despite the population of Illinois declining by over 400,000 residents since 2009, home prices continue to rise. The median home value in Illinois is currently $265,000, with a year-over-year growth of 7.3%. This paradox highlights the complex dynamics at play in the state’s real estate market.

Corporate and Government Influence

A notable trend is the purchase of properties by conglomerates and government subsidies, turning many homes into Section 8 rentals. This practice is altering the housing landscape and contributing to the affordability crisis, as large entities buy homes for cash, often outbidding individual buyers.


The housing market in Rockford, Illinois, presents a mix of affordability relative to national standards and significant challenges for buyers and sellers alike. High property taxes, increasing insurance costs, and low inventory levels are key factors influencing the market. As prices continue to rise, the situation calls for attention to address the broader issues of housing affordability and availability.


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