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USC Student Cleared of Charges in Deadly Stabbing Incident (Video)

USC Student Won’t Face Charges

A USC student, Diven Gallegos, will not face charges in the deadly stabbing of a homeless man, Xavier Surf, who was breaking into cars near the university’s Greek Row.

Incident Details

The incident occurred on Monday night when Gallegos and two friends heard a car alarm and found Surf in a student’s car. They ordered Surf to exit the vehicle. Surf allegedly alluded to having a gun and reached into his pants, leading to a struggle during which Surf was stabbed four times.

Legal Decision

Prosecutors determined that Gallegos acted out of genuine fear for his life, citing the evidence that supported his claim of self-defense. Consequently, they decided to release him from custody and drop the charges.

Community Reactions

The decision has brought relief to Gallegos’s family and friends. However, Surf’s mother expressed heartbreak over the loss of her son, who was homeless and suffered from mental illness.

Broader Context

The area around USC has experienced issues with transient crime, contributing to the fear among residents. This incident highlighted the ongoing concerns and the tragic outcomes that can arise from such confrontations.


Diven Gallegos remains with his family, choosing not to speak to the media at this time. The community is left grappling with the impact of the incident and the broader implications for safety and empathy.

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