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Woman Claims Popular Oil Change Company Ruined Her Car (Video)

Customers Report Damage

Customers of the major chain oil change company Take Five have reported significant damage to their vehicles following oil changes. They claim that mistakes made during these services led to thousands of dollars in damage.

Robin Porterfield’s Experience

Robin Porterfield, a customer, reported a severe knocking noise in her Volvo’s engine shortly after an oil change at Take Five. When she checked the oil, the dipstick showed almost no oil. Her car has been out of commission for over six months, severely impacting her ability to commute and resulting in job loss. Despite multiple attempts to contact Take Five, it took three months for a district manager to respond. The store manager had advised her to add oil to the car to bring it back, which later nullified her warranty.

Ben Brown’s Incident

Ben Brown, another customer, experienced a similar issue with his Jeep Gladiator when the low oil pressure light turned on, and he found no oil in the reservoir. Take Five towed his Jeep back and discovered that the oil filter gasket had failed. An independent mechanic determined the vehicle needed a new motor, costing $113,000. Brown’s attempts to resolve the issue with Take Five were unsuccessful.

Multiple Lawsuits and Complaints

There have been multiple lawsuits against Take Five, with claims of similar oil change mishaps. A lawsuit from Texas alleges that Take Five destroyed a Dodge Charger’s engine by draining the oil and not replacing it. Additionally, an Inspector General report from Jacksonville, Florida, cited 45 complaints from officers regarding substandard work on their vehicles by Take Five from July 2021 to August 2023.

Expert Opinion

Clay Brooks from Cooper Lake Automotive, which has been servicing cars for four decades, explained that modern oil changes are more complex than they used to be. Mistakes are more likely when focusing on volume rather than quality, leading to issues like those reported by Take Five customers.

Company Response

Take Five stated that their services are backed by a 30-day or 1,000-mile warranty, provided customers adhere to warranty conditions. They claim to strive for satisfactory outcomes even when warranties are voided but emphasize the need for customers to follow warranty conditions.

Impact on Porterfield

Porterfield’s situation has been further complicated by her partner’s cancer, causing them to miss oncology treatments and appointments due to the lack of transportation.

Contact Information

One of the affected drivers reached out to the Channel 2 Action News tip line, which remains open for similar reports. More information can be found on their homepage,

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