Woman’s Cars Set on Fire, Ex-Boyfriend Suspected (Video)

Woman's Cars Set on Fire, Ex-Boyfriend Suspected

Incident Overview

A woman in White Haven believed her car caught fire due to an electrical issue until she reviewed footage from her ring camera, which revealed a more sinister cause.

Surveillance Footage Evidence

The ring camera footage showed a person dousing both of her cars with gasoline and setting one on fire. The suspect attempted to ignite a white Mercedes Benz but was unsuccessful.

Brave Response

The woman’s son, hearing the popping noises, bravely jumped into the other car, unaware it was also covered in gasoline, and managed to back it out of the driveway. A Good Samaritan attempted to contain the fire.

Suspected Perpetrator

The woman recognized the suspect in the surveillance video as her ex-boyfriend, whom she dated for four years and broke up with six years ago. She has previously called the police on him multiple times and has an order of protection against him. Despite a prior jail term, he continues to harass her.

Call for Justice

The woman is seeking any information from the public to help gather evidence and put the suspect behind bars. She expressed her anger and desire for justice, emphasizing the severity of his actions.

Domestic Violence Resources

Fox 13 News has committed to providing resources for domestic violence victims. The national domestic violence hotline is available for those in need of immediate help.


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