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Are Rich Black People Treated Differently from Poor Black People?

There is a popular notion that America is not only racist, but it is also about the have and the have not’s. I would say that both are true. Even among Black people and other people of color, there is a certain level of classism that exists. Rich Black people often have a different experience than poor Black people, however there comes a time when even the richest of the rich Black people are reminded of how America views them.

Charles Barkley, Steph Curry, Ozzie Smith and Jimmy Rollins sat down with NBC Sports to discuss police brutality and systemic racism in America. The men didn’t pull any punches while having a truly poignant conversation. Charles Barkley, who is always outspoken believes rich Black people are treated differently from poor Black people. Steph Curry spoke eloquently on the microaggressions that rich Black people experience when it comes to racism.

“The preconceived notions of how they view rich, successful black people as anomalies. Our intelligence, out well-spokeness, that’s always the first thing you hear. If somebody knows how to be articulate and come into a room. That’s the subtle racism and prejudice that starts to add on itself,”

Steph Curry

Ozzie and Jimmy dropped some jewels as well. Check out the full conversation below for more or their insight on police brutality, systemic racism, and being rich and Black in America.

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