Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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D.L. Hughley: ‘We Will Learn Everything Negative about Casey Goodson Jr. and Nothing about the Officers That Killed Him’ (video)

Once again DL Hughley tells the truth about what we can expect from the most recent killing of Casey Goodson Jr. in Columbus, OH. “I can tell you that it sounds all too familiar I can tell you that a young man who had a right to carry a weapon who was certified to carry one was murdered by a group of police officers looking for criminals in the area I can tell you that he was not one of the people that they were looking for I can tell you that the time of his death he had a Subway sandwich in his hand and his keys were in the apartment door so I don’t know how exactly a bigger threat you can be with a Subway sandwich in one hand or keys or the other but I can tell you it sounds familiar

“In America, All Dead Black People Bring it on Themselves!”

D.L. Hughley

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