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That Time Mase Shocked Diddy On the Air at V-103 with a Contact to Release him from Bad Boy (Video)

Remember when Mase came up to V103 and surprised Diddy with a contract granting his release from Bad Boy?

UPDATE: Apparently, the two worked things out as Mase appeared on the Bad Boy tour some years later.

You can tell Diddy was caught off guard earlier as Mase walks into the studio at WVEE and he knows something is about to happen. During the break Diddy and Mase are in the corner talking and Diddy actually signs the papers.

Apparently, Mase was unable to record or work with anyone else while signed under Bad Boy. It is also odd that Diddy would sign the papers without legal counsel but he does. Video courtesy of K.I.M at


  1. that is so you puff always been a good businessman puff could have told him to get the f*** out of here I ain’t signing s*** but puff let him go and that’s facts that puff always never heil nothing to a contract Mase just acting sucker!!

  2. A conctract is what it is . No matter what he should of had legal representation at the time of signing anything.

  3. Diddy probably knew that Mase wasn’t gonna ever sell as much as he did while on Bad Boy, so why not let him go. It turns out that’s exactly what happened. Did Mase do anything big in music after that? Hell No!

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