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Big Tigger takes over mornings at WPGC

The announcement has finally been made. Big Tigger will take over mornings for Donnie Simpson at WPGC starting Monday.


  1. Be real, Tigger got no chance winnin mornin drive. he failed twice before in mornings at other stations and he will fail again. He was getting beat BAD in afternoons and hes gonna get beat WORSE in mornings. Thank you Apple for making the iPod so I can listen to something GOOD.

  2. How bad was he getting beat in the afternoons? What is the PPM for afternoons and evenings? I think he could do okay in the mornings in DC but it will depend on his overall morning show presentation. Personally I think PGC is more focused on getting some of those Hot 995 numbers and not KYS. Tig maybe be able to do that but the older Donnie heads who love hip hop will move on to the Parr. Either way good luck to Big Tigger and PGC. If this doesn’t work can we expect format change?

  3. Iam not sure what happened in Detroit but New York was a situation where Tiggers money demand to do mornings in New York was more than iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) wanted to pay. He recieved more money to do afternoons at WPGC by CBS Radio than he was making in New York back in 2007.WKYS is not a hot station in the PPM they are at the bottom like PGC has been so far Tigger has a good morning show. Time will tell but i think that this is a good move for WPGC.As far as money goes WPGC was still the second biggest money making sation in the D.C. market for 09 so will they flip it maybe when something is still a money maker why flip it?

  4. I have been listening to Tigger in the Morning ever since he has taken over…so about 3 weeks now. I can honestly say that I love it. It is a median between The Russ Parr Morning show and the old Donnie Simpson show. I love Ashy Larry and Donella. The show is just right and in due time I feel that he will bring WPGC back to the top of the charts. Everyobdy knows that the evening hours Tigger was on before before he took over the morning was a drag because those hours mostly focused on the DJ and people stuck in traffic. He definitely gives the morning show a brand new up beat. The show is juuuusst right! I love it! Sorry hata’z.

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