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Black Designer Infuriates Black Americans with “Rope Ties” (Noose Neckties)

When it comes to fashion there have been many brands that have upset the Black community and sympathizers for their lack of sensitivity. The retorts and brand damage could be avoided by simply having Black designers on board for consultation before going public with insulting and racists designs.

But what happens when the insensitive design comes FROM another Black person?

A South African designer who goes by the name of “Daniel” has created the ultimate insulting fashion statement called “Daniel’s Rope Ties.” He will now be the sole Black person to stand in line with the insensitive and insulative design those like him have put forth.

One is left to wonder what is it that this list of designers don’t understand about the history and insurmountable violence perpetrated toward Black Americans? To that end, Daniel’s Rope Wear line has become very popular in the last few days pertaining mostly to the obvious controversy surrounding the brand.

Screen Shot 2021 09 02 at 1.33.55 PM » black lives matter

Yes, he has actually designed a “fashionable” necktie that resembles the noose used to hang Black people during the era of slavery and beyond. While many feel that Black people are still being hunted and lynched by the aftermath of systemic racism, Daniel feels he has done nothing wrong and we need to change the perception of symbols and how we react to them in a Facebook post.

“If this work reminds Americans about lynching in the past, it is now time for change that when people see a rope all they think is suicidal and lynching. Can’t anything good come out of the same object?,”


Is Daniel tripping with his perspective or does he have a point? Black people still use the controversial “N” word all the time despite the history of the word. America as a whole glorifies violence via entertainment on the regular basis. We have a huge gun issue in this country, yet you can find guns on t-shirts everywhere and unfortunately. in the hands of people who actually use them to take the lives of others.

On the contrary, the noose has a very painful connotation in the American culture that is so disrespectful that the lineage of that rope still permeates throughout Black communities today. Despite many negative comments surrounding the brand, Daniel is standing his ground. At the end of the day, Daniel has a right to create whatever he wants for those interested in his brand and as consumers, we all have the right to ignore it, not purchase it, and not support this endeavor. Check out his post below regarding the matter and make the call for yourself.


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