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Buffie the Body does tell all Book (pic)

Buffie the Body is about to put her business all out in the street with her upcoming tell-all book, Vixen Icon. The video model said the book is the story of her life, starting from being a young, skinny girl growing up with seven brothers and sisters.

“Put it like this: I didn’t have a horrible life.   No child molestation, no aband on parents [sic]; our family was close, she said while preparing to shoot the cover of her book. Vixen Icon then follows her life to the present, including her time as a stripper and her transformation into Buffie the Body. However, the model said she has aspirations beyond this book, which might include being a “fitness whatever.    “I want to do everything.   I want to be that video model that just took it all the way to the top, Buffie said. One thing she’s not sure she’s interested in, though, is acting. “I did say that [I wanted to act]. I was using that same line for a couple of years, but it got old, she said. “Every model wants to be an actress. Buffie did say that she’s open to becoming an actress if the opportunity presents itself, but she’s not actively going after it.   To find out what else Buffie’s tell-all will dish, pick up Vixen Icon when it’s released in June 2009. [source]


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