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Chris Rock Makes Statement at Boston Show, Video of Jada Laughing after Slap

There is a new video from a different angle circulating (below) of Jada laughing after Will Smith smacked Chris Rock, in all fairness you can see Lupita laughing too it’s after Chris Rock said: “Wow, Will Smith just smacked the sh#t out of me.” Nothing major there.

Also, after getting a standing ovation, Chris Rock addressed the slap by saying “I’m still processing it, I’d like to tell some jokes” in Boston last night at the opening of his tour.

The Academy met yesterday and revealed Smith was asked to leave the event after the slap but he refused and they were furious.

He will most likely be suspended while the Academy awaits his response during a review. Smith has been the hottest story this week with everything from black women taking his side for protecting a black woman to people suggesting he may be suffering a breakdown and need a wellness check.

Jada Picket Smith was laughing after Will slapped Chris. Wasn’t nothing wrong with her ssa, if you was hurt why laugh ????…#toxic #toxicbehaviors #protectyourpeace #damagedalphamale

Posted by Michael D. DeSouza on Wednesday, March 30, 2022


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