Monday, June 24, 2024

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Coleman Insights announced today that the latest study in its “Mapping the DNA of PPM” series will debut in a presentation at the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia on Thursday, September 24th.   The study, “The PPM DNA of America’s High Performance Stations,” will reveal which of the many audience estimates provided by Arbitron’s Portable People Meter’ (PPM’) system are most highly correlated with ratings success.”Our radio clients have been repeatedly asking about where they should focus their efforts under PPM,” commented Coleman Insights Vice President John Boyne, who will deliver the presentation along with Arbitron’s Vice President of Programming Services and Development, Gary Marince.   “To help answer those questions, we analyzed over 850 Radio Stations in the 20 markets that had PPM currency measurement as of April and looked at the performances of those Radio Stations from every angle, including not only Cume and Time Spent Listening, but also things like the number of listening occasions they generate and the lengths of those occasions.   Our analysis generated a number of important insights into what differentiates High Performance Radio Station s, which we look forward to revealing in Philadelphia.”NAB Radio Show attendees will have an opportunity to view the presentation during a session scheduled from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM Eastern time at the Philadelphia Convention Center.   In addition, those unable to attend the presentation will be able to follow the release of each finding from the study via Coleman Insights’ Twitter feed at   Twitter users will also have the opportunity to ask questions of Boyne and Marince, who will answer as many of them as possible near the end of the presentation.   Finally, a report summarizing the study’s findings will be available on the Coleman Insights website,, upon conclusion of the presentation.

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