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Woonsocket’s Mayor’s Home Hides Decayed Bodies

The decomposed bodies of two older adults were found inside the home of Woonsocket’s former mayor Susan Menard. The bodies were discovered in a severe state of decay. Police said they are investigating.

The victims were identified as “elderly male and female” by Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Oates. The two were found deceased in a home on Marian Lane near Lilac Avenue.

On Monday evening, police cruisers could be seen parked outside the residence. The bodies were removed from the home by the state medical examiner. 12 News was at the scene.

The cause of death will be determined by the state medical examiner, said the police chief.

Former Woonsocket’s mayor, Susan Menard, owned the home, said Oates; however, he did not verify if she was one of the victims.  

According to Oates, the deaths remain under investigation, although there is no sign of foul play.


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