Monday, June 24, 2024

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DL Hughley Explains Why Tucker Carlson Will Always Have a Place in America (Video)

DL Hughley explained why Tucker Carlson will always have a place in America. According to Hughley, America has a need for Carlson and his following.

“Men like them are enshrined all throughout America. They’re on the 1,700 monuments that America has, to soldiers of the Confederacy,” said Hughley.

The racists are on the money; schools and parks are named after them. Hughley said these men think that the country belongs to them, and they inspire others to commit violent acts.

“America will always have use for them,” said Hughley. “It is virtually in every aspect of our society.”

The young man who committed a mass slaughtering of people also channeled racist individuals for inspiration, said Hughley.

“There will always be a need for men who believe this country belongs to them. That one race is superior and that you should do whatever you want to the inferior race,” said Hughley.

He added that some would not act on their racist feelings, but they sympathize with those who preach a racist doctrine.

“Sure, your methods are different. You use a microphone, they might have used sheets and torches, but still, the same thing gets accomplished,” said Hughley.

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