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Ebro in the Morning Discusses How Stacey Dash Could Not Have Known About DMX’s Death (VIDEO)

Ebro in the morning, discusses how Stacey Dash could not have known about DMX’s death. Dash said she did not know that the rapper had died. To express her shock about the news, she uploaded a TikTok video complete with tears, said Laura Stylez.

“I’m ashamed I didn’t know DMX died. I didn’t know from a cocaine overdose,” said Dash.

Rosenberg turned off the video and the morning show was surprised that it took so long for Dash to find out about the icon’s passing. Ebro said that he could understand how the “Clueless” star, who says she is not in touch with anything Black America, would not be in touch with anything that concerns hip-hop or even DMX.

“I can believe she is completely out of the loop on that. At her age and the circle of friends that clearly, she keeps, based on her political views and how she has framed her celebrity at this point. I can believe that.” said Ebro.

Ebro said he is unnerved by the fact that when Dash found out about DMX, she decided to record her reaction. Stylez also noted that the actress had a soundtrack playing during the video. The morning show wondered who had time during an emotional moment to play a song.

Rosenberg said Dash’s approach to the video is a new trend that people should start. “You could put up a video tonight… I was, uh, I was just looking at the news. I saw that, uh, John Lennon was shot, and uh, this gun violence man. He was struck down in his prime 40 years ago,” joked Rosenberg.


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