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Enraged Black Police Officer Says Black Men and the City Need to take Responsibility for the Killing of Black Children (video)

Sgt John Carlos Young is fed up with the same questions and the same coverage of the murders in Mobile, AL he demands the city and black people take responsibility for the truth that there are innocent black children being killed by guns at the hands of black men. He goes on to say…

The homicide victim is 14-year-old Ciara Jackson. The suspects have been arrested and charged with capital murder and transported to Metro Jail.

This 23rd homicide is heartbreaking to me personally, she was 14 and murdered named after Michael Donald was the last known lynching by the KKK in 1980. 40 years later more innocent blood is shed on that street that is supposed to memorialize a death being sacrificed and a black girl is gunned down on that street by a black man IT’S DISGUSTING.  I SAID IT!

There is a subculture of gun violence in the city of Mobile with a young black men is high damn time we do something about it. I SAID IT!

So no one has to be called a racist anymore. Our homicides 19, 19, 18, 17, 16, 14, 11, and 4 years old were ALL black children. 

When are we as a city going to wake up and say let’s address this issue? When is enough, enough?  Everyone say it out loud that’s where we began to fix the problem and come up with a solution. Let’s start there. 


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