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Follow up on Charolotte Former local media star Jon Robinson, He’s considering return to Rehab

Jon-This has been one of the most read stories in the history of TheIndustry.biz . In radio, we often hide when we are struggling because the industry doesn’t embrace what it considers “weakness.” I have seen MANY industry people die broke because of it. While Jon may not like the attention he’s getting, he’s VERY fortunate.Former media personality Jon Robinson, shown in December, said Thursday he is active in a 12-step program.Jon Robinson, the longtime Charlotte media personality struggling with narcotics addiction, said Thursday he was considering a return to rehab but wasn’t quite ready to take the step.”I haven’t pulled the trigger on it – I’m not ready to do it,” Robinson said.He appeared on WBT’s “Keith Larson Show,” which was being guest hosted by Channel 3 reporter Steve Crump, one of Robinson’s colleagues from his days as a reporter and anchor at WBTV. It was his first public appearance since a Dec.20 interview appeared in the Observer in which Robinson disclosed his longtime addiction to cocaine and heroin.Robinson said he is active in a 12-step program which uses peer support to fight addiction. He said he hasn’t used cocaine or heroin in about a week. He’s considering a residential program through the Charlotte Rescue Mission and another in Ohio, Robinson said on the show.”You don’t stop until you’re done. Until an addict is ready to quit, they won’t quit,” Robinson said. “You ready to quit?” Crump asked.”Yeah, I am,” Robinson replied. “Didn’t use today, didn’t use yesterday. … I think I’m going away. I think I’m going to do it.”In May, he completed a 28-day rehabilitation program in Monroe, but soon returned to drugs.Robinson, whose career in Charlotte-area radio and television goes back to the 1980s, said there had been an outpouring of support from friends since his newspaper interview appeared. He said he first saw this week the Facebook page with more than 800 members called “Friends and Fans of Jon Robinson” that contains supportive messages.Friends have been bringing him groceries and paying for other basic needs, though he admitted part of him was uncomfortable with the attention.”As an addict, I wish they’d all go away. We like to isolate and like for people to leave us alone. I can’t get people to leave me alone.”via [source]


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