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“Forward Progress” Sports & Race Show Debuts on SiriusXM

Hosted by SiriusXM’s Jason Jackson and Kirk Morrison, the show will air several times each week on multiple SiriusXM channels

SiriusXM will air a new weekly show – Forward Progress – across several of its channels that focuses on race, society and sports.  Athletes, coaches and other sports figures play a leading role in battling racial injustice and raising awareness of the need for social reform. Forward Progress will be a platform for those voices to continue the conversation about race in America, particularly where it intersects with the world of sports.

SiriusXM’s Jason Jackson and Kirk Morrison will host each week.  Jackson, a longtime NBA broadcaster, and Morrison, a former NFL linebacker, will focus on the continuing push for racial equality and justice – from the pioneering civil rights efforts of athletes like Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Bill Russell to the historic recent player protests and the groundswell of support for today’s Black Lives Matter movement across sports leagues.  They will be joined by guests from around the sports world each week, including current and former players who are using their influence as public figures to create change, to discuss what more needs to be done.

“It is wonderful to work for an organization that recognizes a focus on social justice and equality should continue beyond each incident’s news cycle,” said Jackson.  “This nation has struggled for nearly half a millennium with race and inequality, a struggle we have to confront once again. The jump off point for any lasting success is conversation and we have the honor of doing that each week on SiriusXM.”

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“2020 has brought an awakening with a heightened spotlight on Social Justice and Inequality in America.  I am honored to be on the platform that SiriusXM provides to discuss the past, present, and future of those issues on Forward Progress,” Morrison said.

“Sports figures are key voices in conversations about social reform and we’ve heard from many of them on recent specials we’ve aired on sports and the call for racial justice and equality.  Forward Progress will be another platform for those important voices and perspectives to continue to be heard across multiple channels and audiences,” said Steve Cohen, SiriusXM’s SVP of Sports Programming.

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A new edition of the show will air each week on multiple channels including SiriusXM Urban View (Saturdays, 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT and Sundays, 3:00 pm ET/noon PT), SiriusXM NFL Radio (Wednesdays, 11:00 pm ET/8:00 pm PT and Thursdays, 6:00 am ET/3:00 am PT), SiriusXM NBA Radio (Thursdays, 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT), SiriusXM Fight Nation (Fridays, 5:00 pm ET/2:00 pm PT, Saturdays, 6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm ET and Sundays, 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT and 5:00 pm ET/2:00 pm PT) and Mad Dog Sports Radio (Sundays, 7:00 am ET/4:00 am PT). 

Forward Progress will also be available as a podcast on the SiriusXM and Pandora apps.


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