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HBCU Movement Gaining Momentum with Black Athletes

Chicago Bears, Chris Paul, HBCU, Makur Maker, Makur Maker commits to HBCU, Mikey Williams, Tarik Cohen HBCU Movement Gaining Momentum with Black Athletes

Score one for HBCUs as they get a commitment from 5-star senior Makur Maker. HBCUs have been at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting top talent as they compete with bigger and well-connected white institutions. In 2020, many have been pushing for some of the top recruits to commit to an HBCU. In a tweet Makur specifically mentioned Mikey Williams, a 16-year-old Elite 2023 recruit, to join him on this journey. In response to being mentioned, Mikey tweeted “I’m all for it.” Mikey has been dropping hints on twitter that he is leaning towards attending an HBCU. No one knows for sure, but the theatre has been great and is shining a brighter light on HBCUs.

That is what is needed, a brighter light on the value and impact of HBCUs and the quality program being offered to top athletes. OKC Thunder guard, Chris Paul hopes to continue shining a light on HBCUs by producing a docuseries that will follow HBCUs over the course of a season. The docuseries will focus on basketball programs and the plight of competing with other institutions for the recruits, exposure and funding.

More and more athletes are coming out and encouraging top high school athletes to consider an HBCU. One very outspoken athlete is Chicago Bears running back, Tarik Cohen. He attended HBCU, North Carolina A&T State University and is proud to talk about his experiences and the impact attending an HBCU had on him as an athlete and a person. He frequently tweets encouraging words to high school athletes to get them to join the HBCU movement. Will more top tier athletes listen to the pros and join the HBCU movement? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure the sports world is spending a lot more time talking about them and that’s a big first step.

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