Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Support Ferguson: Hip-Hop Artists Urged

talibWhy now or why this particular cause, you may be asking.   Talib Kweli actually tweeted his 10 reasons why he needed to go to Ferguson, MO as he is slated to arrive in the city on Tuesday. These 10 reasons alone may inspire, encourage, or spark the brain of other hip-hop music artists to once again become a voice for the voiceless.READ TALIB’S SIMPLE YET POWERFUL REASONS BELOW FOR JOINING THE COMMUNITY IN FERGUSON. Click “NEXT” above or below to see the next number

10. What would Malcolm do?


9. I could be next.

Police confront a protester in St Louis

8. I have a son Mike Brown’s age. It could’ve been him.


7. I believe in love, compassion, the right to simply exits and due process for all.


6. Artists who make money off the community are obligated to be there when the community is being brutalized.


5. We need to show the community of Ferguson that we are willing to do more. We need to show them they don’t stand alone.


4. We need to direct attention from the very small amount of “looters” to the true community protestors. We need to take back the narrative

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

3. Mike Brown loved hip-hop music and wrote lyrics. He was a fan of hip-hop music. The hip-hop music community owes him.


2. People need to see that our leaders are more than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Al and Jesse cannot control the narrative for us.


1. Tweets that aren’t connected to a movement can lead one to falsely believe they’ve done enough. I need to put my money where my tweets are



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