Monday, June 24, 2024

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Houston Man with Monkeypox Says “It Hurts to Exist” (Video)

A Houston man named Wesley Wallace believes he got Monkeypox from kissing someone inside a bar during the July 4th weekend. He says he has severe flu-like symptoms and that his friends are going out of town to get the highly in-demand but hard-to-get vaccine called JYNNEOS or ACAM2000 because it’s unavailable in the Houston area.

He says he has another week in quarantine which will total a month. Close skin-to-skin contact is the primary transmission source even laying on the sheets of an infected person is believed to be transmissible, and it can occur in men, women, and children but currently is affecting the gay community or MSMs (Men who sleep with men) the most at this time.

The World Health Organization said the expanding monkeypox outbreak is now in more than 70 countries and considered a global emergency, a declaration Saturday that could spur further investment in treating the once-rare disease and affect the scramble for scarce vaccines.

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