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HT Scholars Excel at Student Leadership Institute

What is NASAP?

NASAP stands for the National Association of Student Affairs Professional Institute. This past week Celeste Brewer (SGA Secretary), Steven Davenport (Senior Class President), Taleah Moore (SGA President), and Allen Wilson (Mr. Junior) had the opportunity to experience the 21st NASAP Institute, which was hosted by Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. The purpose of this institute is to help growing student leaders develop themselves professionally, mentally, and spiritually. Huston-Tillotson had the opportunity to network with both public and private HBCU’s across the nation throughout numerous sessions and team building activities. Our main focus throughout the week was to collaborate with other student leaders i.e. SGA executive and senate boards, royal court, and NPHC to solve common university issues. Some of the topics included dress code, social media, students to alumni, students and administrators, and student budget issues. Two of our students, Celeste Brewer and Allen Wilson, were a part of the winning teams because they executed the proper solutions to some of these reoccurring problems that students at our HBCU face on a daily basis.

A Student’s Perspective

Our students shared the opportunity of attending breakout sessions that addressed diverse topics, informative tips, and advice for how to handle the life of a student leader. Davenport’s favorite session was titled “Leading with WHY Abstract” where he learned the golden circle technique, how to communicate effectively on a local and national level, and how to pursue his purpose. Brewer’s favorite session was titled “Trappin In The Quad” where she learned that business can be fun. There is a purpose in everyone regardless of the role they play on campus. She learned that her main focus in her position should be the students at all times. It’s okay to get comfortable in order to connect with the students. Remember where you came from and stay true to yourself. In order to be successful and produce a change on campus everyone has to be willing to make the change that is needed. Moore’s favorite session was titled “The President’s Roundtable” where she learned what it takes to be a successful president. First and foremost, you must trust your team and their abilities to produce. Secondly, you must be open to new ideas. Lastly, you must maintain the same amount of energy that you did when you were running for your position. Being surrounded by other president’s made her realize that a lot of HBCU’s have similar problems and challenges, but instead of talking about it, we must be about it. The National Consortium of HBCU’s SGA Presidents also elected Moore for Region “C” PR. Wilson’s favorite session was titled “Teambuilding 101” where he learned how to develop leaders on a mental level. As Mr. Junior, it is his responsibility to take these lessons back to our campus king and queen. He was surrounded by other university kings who treated him with the utmost respect even though on paper, some would say his title was not as “important”. Wilson realized in that moment that no position is greater than the other and that we all have the same goal, which is bettering our HBCU’s.

Call to Action

NASAP is not a conference, but an institute. A conference is described as a formal meeting for discussion, debate, or conversation. An institute is a society or organization having a particular object or common factor, especially a scientific, educational, or social one. With that being said, every student leader at our university should strive for the chance to experience lifelong connections, professional development, and HBCU culture at the NASAP Institute. Remember, “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.”

Article by: Celeste Brewer ‘19, Steven Davenport ‘18, Taleah Moore ‘18, Allen Wilson ‘19


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