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“Stuff You Should Know” Hits 3 Billion Downloads

iHeartPodcasts announced today that its popular curiosity show “Stuff You Should Know,” hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, has surpassed three billion downloads.

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Launched in April 2008, the iHeartPodcast has consistently been in the top 25 of overall podcast listening charts, enlightening listeners everywhere on a variety of topics from science, history, pop culture, conspiracy theories and more. 

Clark and Bryant started the show more than 14 years ago stemming from their love of teaching and a burning curiosity. From the start, the series had a strong following as listeners were intrigued by complex and simple topics explained in a fun and relatable way. 

“Chuck and I started this series with a passion for curiosity and had no expectation of ever being a leading podcast,” said Josh Clark, co-host of ‘Stuff You Should Know.’ “It’s incredible to reflect on the last 14 years and see how much we’ve grown as creators alongside our listeners.

We’re immensely grateful to our fans and iHeartMedia in helping us reach this incredible milestone, and it’s energizing and motivating to think about the show’s future success.”  

“It’s been an honor to watch Josh and Chuck lead ‘Stuff You Should Know’ to such incredible success,” said Will Pearson, President iHeartPodcasts. “Podcasting is a unique medium in that creators have deep, intimate relationships forming a dedicated community of listeners all over the world.

There was no doubt that with Josh and Chuck’s connection with their listeners that ‘Stuff You Should Know’ would be the first iHeartPodcast to hit the three billion downloads mark.” 

Since 2008, “Stuff You Should Know” has collected impressive awards including nine Webby Awards, AdWeek’s Podcast of the Year award and AdWeek’s Readers’ Choice of The Year award.

With more than 1,500 episodes, “Stuff You Should Know” has sold-out live events around the world, launched a book, developed a Trivial Pursuit: Stuff You Should Know Edition and has even been a Jeopardy category. 

“Stuff You Should Know” is distributed by iHeartPodcasts and available on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard.


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