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India.Arie Indicates Musicians Should be Paid More from Spotify and why She Pulled her Music (video)

Singer India.Arie asked that her music be removed from Spotify because of Joe Rogan, not necessarily because of his COVID misinformation but because of his previous racist statements.

She admits that she was surprised that the media paid attention to her wanting to pull her music from Spotify as she says she is used to be ignored when it comes to situations like this. However, she states she is glad she is being heard because she feels it is unfair that Joe Rogan is being paid millions, even after his racist rants, when musicians are making the paltry earnings of .003 to .005 per stream.


She agrees that Rogan’s Covid stances are disturbing and other artists should be allowed to pull their music because of this but her reasons go beyond him spreading misinformation about Covid. She states she wonders what would happen if more musicians asked the behemoth Spotify to remove their music too until musicians are paid more per stream. See video

India Arie clarifies her wanting to remove her music from Spotify and why! Delete Spotify took on an elevated meaning because of her and now she’s showing the proof of Joe Rogan’s behavior.

Posted by Sam Watson on Thursday, February 3, 2022


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