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IPV’s Report on the Future of Video Production: Expert Insights

IPV, experts in intelligent video content management for more than 20 years, have just released their industry report, The Future of Video Production: How Leading Video Pros Are Responding to Remote Workflows.

The report explores the reality of the “new normal,” i.e., remote and flexible working, and how leading video production professionals have adapted to constantly emerging technical challenges.

To develop the report, IPV sat down with video professionals from various industries, from media and entertainment to sports, publishing and retail to deliver industry-specific insights and illuminate broader trends within the field of video production. Report contributors include professionals from Warner Media, the Cincinnati Bengals, Sesame Street, IMG, and more.

The free report examines some of the most common barriers to seamless remote collaboration and access, such as file sizes and bitrates. Readers will gain an understanding of what it takes to meet current and future demands for video content in a work from home environment. Teams must overcome pressing issues such as:

  • Slow internet speeds, further burdened by others in the household being online.
  • Limited access to media files and footage from outside networks.
  • Poorly organized and unsearchable video file archives.  
  • Creative slumps resulting from not being able to meet in-person or work physically together — for instance, quickly showing someone else a scene or clip, or brainstorming ideas. 
  • Security concerns and permission controls for files and media. 

What Readers Will Gain from This Report 

At its core, this report is about the role of media asset management (MAM) in changing video production workflows. The inspiring industry leaders IPV spoke to have embraced technology and transformed each and every commonplace obstacle into an extraordinary opportunity. In these ‘unprecedented times’ and beyond, there’s no question that MAM will play a critical role in video production’s long-term future. With the right MAM tool, video professionals can:

  • Easily access archived material – even deep archive on cold storage – instantly
  • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues while working remotely
  • Automatically generate rich metadata to improve workflows
  • Quickly review in-progress material with no versioning issues

Report Contributors Include:

Seth Tanner — Director of Content — Cincinnati Bengals

Sean Ross Sapp — Managing Editor — Fightful

Barry Flanigan — Chief Product Officer — COPA90

Corey Jennings — Filmmaker and Visual Content Creator — University of Maryland Baltimore County

Memo Salazar — Editor – Sesame Street

Kevin Maude — CEO — Social Video

Michelle Conroy — Production & Sales Manager — Crew Cuts

Jacob Anderson — Manager, Asset Management and Digital Media Services — Warner Media Studios

Eric Lund — Senior Manager, Post Technology — Warner Media Studios

Brian Leonard — Head of Engineering – Production & Workflows — IMG

James Ganiere — Executive Producer — Rio Vista Universal

Salvatore D’Alia — Original Content Director/Producer — Adorama

Mariana Camacho — Editor in Chief — Food & Wine en español


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