Monday, June 24, 2024

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Jade Novah’s Exit from V103 Explained

Nobody Can Blame You for Following Your Dream

Media Personality and entertainer Jade Novah exited her morning gig at V103 this past week and sources state they completely understand why she left, as any of us would have done the same thing. Her reputation at the station is excellent but her singing career is taking off and there is a demand for her to perform. It all boils down to her staying in radio doing a morning show or taking advantage of a much more lucrative career. Which one should she choose? Don’t think too hard (lol)

I will admit. I agree with her because I made the mistake of choosing radio when I was in the same position many years ago to sign to a label as a singer. At the end of the day, she can always come back to radio but a singing career is very demanding and this is the best time to do it (even though technology makes it possible to STILL be a singer at a more advanced age). The station will rotate several people until they find a replacement. Too bad Eva Marcelle is taken. She would have been an excellent replacement and she’s a natural.

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