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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Racist Radio Corporation


Greetings industry family”¦

Let me start this off by saying I can be and I am friends/friendly with anyone from any walk of life as long as there is mutual respect, Black, White, Latin, Thug, Yellow, Green, Gay, Physically Challenged, Old, Young, Three Eyes, Two Teeth, Six Titties, High Blood Pressure, Crippled and Musty, I don’t give a FOOK as long as we can laugh at life.

 You will never be free until you are comfortable in your OWN skin and stop being a slave to what other people think about you. People who have their own deep secrets and insecurities JUST LIKE YOU.  EVERYBODY farts and it stinks and if they don’t fart, they would have had a stroke by now from holding in their gas (lol).

To that end, it’s most unfortunate, and my point is moot, when those same insecure people are decision-makers at a got damn corporation (lol). My younger brother Daryl tells me, “Sh… Kevin, is EVERYTHING a joke to you? (as he still laughs at my antics).”” My answer is, either you laugh or you cry and if you cry you die. So fook it.

I have often gotten on the case of my own people/urban radio for being lax on certain issues and ignoring sh… that affects our community. Nevertheless, on the list of my greatest pet peeves is racism. How in the fook can you judge me and my abilities based on the color of my skin? Racism exists and it exists in the industry which is most unfortunate since black music is played on so many formats.

A few months ago, I got a couple of calls from employees of a major radio corporation who complained about severe racism in the sales departments.

At first I blew it off as if these people were just not meeting their quota or some sh… and they wanted to complain”¦.but over the weeks and months, those complaints grew as more complaints came in to include other departments but sales remains the top spot for what one employee stated “A story that REALLY needs to be told.”

“This employee was now at least the 15th employee that called me from approximately 7 Radio Station s. This month, I got calls from employees at three more Radio Stations now making it a total of 10 Radio Station in several markets that have complained about the SAME major racial problems for this corporation.

The main complaint, well, I’ll hold that for the story. Let’s just say, it appears, the corporation likes to categorize black employees as employees with “limited ability.””What fooking year is this?

I have reached out to the corporation and they insulted me, after 25 years in the industry, by connecting me to the damn  secretary for the person in charge of the corporation’s “diversity””department. The secretary”¦ REALLY? She wanted full details of why I was calling.

When I explained to the secretary, why I was calling, the person in charge, who is well aware of who I am, contacted me via email giving me some bullsh… about how busy they are and how it’s best to reach them via email even though I’ve talked to this person on the phone before. I actually like this person and I don’t believe THEY are racist but I’m not stupid, I know what they are doing FOR the corporation.  

This person wanted me to disclose where the problems are and who complained so the company could get “working on the problem”¦””Sure, and my name is Rumpelstiltskin and I just fooked Mother Goose. This person must think I take my head off at night and put it on the end table before I go to sleep.

kevRoss does not disclose sources to ANYONE. That’s why Radio Facts is so widely read and so respected.  Perhaps I too have been categorized as a “N*4ga with limited abilities and brain function (lol).””Do they know I will actually RUN this sh…?

This person denied the charges and has stated they are not racist and the corporation does not stand for any type of discrimination (perhaps they prefer to lay down and relax with a drink in their hand for it instead?) They told me that they work hard on their diversity. Perhaps this is why the person heading the department is white? (lol).

Please excuse me while I run into this brick wall in front of me head first. (Kevin counts to three, then runs at top speed bashing his head into the wall.  He screams”¦ “Let us pray, that hurt dammit.””then states  “Let me try this sh… again and see if it feels better this time?”) I am starting to believe the allegations are true and I’m seriously considering running the story. Sh…, it’s not like any of the other trades will but  I know the other media outlets on our lists will run it when I post it.

I have contacted several industry colleagues from all walks of the industry to ask what they think of the situation and almost all of them agree the corporation is racist and needs to be exposed for their practices that go way beyond sales. One white friend told me to take the high road and not to report on it. I don’t think taking the “high road””means sh… when you drive over hundreds of people who are being discriminated against.  That’s more like taking the fooking side streets.

I am quite sure it’s very “Clear””that many of you know what corporation I am talking about. I am interested in getting a few more responses but I actually have enough to do a full expose’ now.

Respond to me via your private email addresses and pass the info to others who have complained about the corporation’s practices. Of course all information is kept confidential. I’m going to give the corporation a chance to respond as well. Also let me know if you get any memos from the corporation after this story runs so that I can include them in the story.

kevRoss ([email protected])


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