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Mary Wilson Cause of Death Revealed: What you need to know about Blood Clots

Mary Wilson, a founding member of the biggest girl group in the history of music, The Supremes, died at the age of 76, one month shy of her 77th birthday, on February 9th, 2021

Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson died from alleged blood clots that caused extremely high blood pressure or what is commonly known as a hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease according to the Clark County Coroner. She also reportedly had a heart attack 10 years ago.

She died in her sleep.

In related news, in order to prevent the first heart attack, there are ways to assist and prevent blood clots from happening in Black adults over 40 by simply talking to your doctor and seeing if you can take baby aspirin daily. Unfortunately, once heart attacks and strokes occur they are usually followed by another like event.

It’s important that you talk to your doctor to get your heart examined because you may need something stronger. Taking regular aspirin can cause other problems because of the strength but baby aspirin can help prevent clotting of the blood which is generally one of the main causes of strokes, aneurysms, and heart attacks.

Mary Wilson Self Titled Debut Album from 1979 Reissued

Of course, as hard as eating right and exercise can be in our industry jobs, with all the stress, its paramount to create that balance. Read this article about taking a baby aspirin daily.


  1. Blood clots again (if this is accurate information). Where did I hear something eerily similar to this before?
    It was 45 years ago this month (February) that banished member from the Supremes Florence Ballard passed away at 32 years old because of what was termed as a coronary thrombosis, a blood clot in a heart artery (if my memory serves me correctly). It was terrible news then as it is now! Especially with the 60th Anniversary of the signing at Motown of “the biggest girl group in the history of music” (in which I totally agree with the author) happening this year (January 15, 2021). I feel like it is 1976 all over again!
    I still mourn the loss of Florence and now Legendary Supreme Mary Wilson. I will love them always!

  2. I’m in shock. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Wilson several years ago and she looked like the picture of great health. Such beautiful skin. An unbelievable glow of beauty and grace. I’ve never seen someone with such beauty and poise. She was the glamour girl of the supremes. One of the prettiest women I’ve ever met, besides having a pleasant personality and a beautiful voice. I personally felt that Diana’s voice was too nasal with not range. Even though the other two supremes had good voices but wasn’t given the opportunity that diana received.

  3. I felt Florence had the best voice but has fate would have it she wasn’t given the chance and with. Mary not strong enough to stand by her she would have been discarded with Florence but Mary survived thru her struggles. RIP Mary blessed are they that mourn in the name of the Lord.

  4. Mary as with Florence…
    It was “Lifestyle” which caused the fatal thrombosis…for Ballard and for Wilson.
    Ballard drank, took diet pills, gained weight and took diet pills which were amphetamines. The aforementioned is what led to Ballard’s death from Coronary Heart Disease.
    Wilson drank, did cocaine and partied…all of which one read in her revealing two books about her days during and after The Supremes. Each and both brought about their own, individual, destructions while The Supreme Supreme will turn 77 on 26 March…still healthful and disciplined!

    • You’re an asshole! Are you really THAT miserable and unhappy with your life that you feel compelled to comment about something you have NO CLUE about. Be careful. Defamation and slander have consequences. You never know if Mary’s family and friends are reading these comments. BTW: We are…. So have some RESPECT, allow.ismto grieve…and allow Mary to rest peacefully.??

  5. They were all beautiful ladies with a gift that
    was enjoyed by millions. May Florence and Mary
    rest in piece. They inspired so many young people
    who wanted to sing and be like them.


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