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Math Hoffa’s Podcast Dilemma: Newbies or Legends First (video)

It’s always great to hear various perspectives in the music industry about where we are and where we are going. While the video’s subject matter pertains to SZA having to sit on songs, there is much more to it.

Math Hoffa, Mr. Mecc, Punch, Daylyt, and Rock talk about something that has permitted the industry for decades on Math Hoffa’s ‘Expert Opinion’ podcast that is the disconnect between the established industry vets (from all aspects) and the newbies. Mecc makes some valid and interesting points on the subject.

This past week, I talked with a young radio PD who said older and greedy PDs need to get the F#ck out of the way of new talent and just disappear. Is that a fair assessment?

Does it pertain to one being of value or legitimacy or just younger industry people being frustrated because they are tired of wanting to have their turn … or both? This video doesn’t discuss radio, but it’s indirectly connected to the subject.

Older industry people and performers are always accused of denying opportunities and mentoring to younger industry people. Yet, some older industry people complain of a lack of respect from younger people and feel like they are being put out to pasture in various forms of our industry. How much more could we accomplish if we did work together instead of being at odds? Your thoughts?


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