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OH NO!!!! Radio talk show host to serve time for theft, racketeering

Sports radio talk show host Charles “Scott” McKinney will serve at least a year and a day in prison for bilking investors out of over $100,000.

McKinney pleaded guilty today to nine counts of theft and single counts of organized fraud, money laundering and racketeering, said prosecutor Russ Edgar. Sentencing was scheduled for Feb. 24. Eight of the theft charges involved money taken from investors in McKinney’s Southern Sports To-night radio program. The ninth involved
McKinney stealing approximately $10,000 from his ex-fiance using her credit card, Edgar said. Edgar said the plea arrangement, which could land McKinney in prison for up to five years, was de-signed so that the talk show host would not be serving his sentence in a county jail. “We don’t want our victims to hear him broadcasting from the county jail on a work release,” Edgar said. The plea came with a trial date scheduled for Monday. [source]

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