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PnB Rock Discusses LA Confrontations Before Death (video)

DJ Akademiks talked to PnB Rock about violence in LA and how the rapper diffused a hostile situation. LA is synonymous with the murders of Biggie and Tupac, said DJ Akademiks. The host went on to say that LA is a little “spooky.” PnB Rock said the crime life in Los Angeles is much different than where he is from.

“In LA, it’s like they bold… they want to spark a conversation with you first before they get into some sh**. Some of them,” said Rock.

Rock said there are criminals from La who are sneaky, but most times, during altercations with people, “they just gave their drop up too fast.”

Rock said the second time he had a run-in with shady people, he was with his family, and the unruly individuals were talking loudly. “Why they talking about this gangster sh** with this around? Like we outside. We on Fairfax…,” said Rock.

Rock decided to leave the vicinity, he said.  His girlfriend did not believe that the two were in trouble until someone stole the parking spot Rock and his female companion were trying to get. Because of how quickly the car got behind him, Rock was sure he was being followed.

After getting out of the car, the people in the vehicle continued to talk loudly about gangster behavior. One of the individuals tried to get Rock to engage in an altercation with him, but Rock diffused the situation and left the area. He did not elaborate on how the situation ended, but Rock said he told the men that he did not want to engage in violent conduct, and the men understood.

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