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PRO MOTION’s 30th Anniversary : Thank you from Brad LeBeau

             With the Independence Day holiday comes a special milestone as PRO MOTION celebrates it’s 30th anniversary on July 5th.It was the summer of 1983 when PRO MOTION. The Brad LeBeau Company, Inc. opened it’s New York doors to the world of international dance music marketing. Ronald Reagan was president, ‘Let the Music Play’ by Shannon was that years #1 dance single, cassettes and vinyl were the recorded music medium of choice and overnight mail, the FAX machine, and desk top computers were considered the futuristic signs of the times.Armed with little knowledge of what it took to run a business, our then, two-man operation was educated in the school of ‘trial and error’ and learned the ways of independent promotion from our successes and challenges along the way. Born from the ideal that good music from around the globe would be embraced by American tastemakers, PRO MOTION set out to represent what we believed was the world’s best dance material – well before any of us knew what was about to happen.Three decades ago there was no such thing as ‘club culture’ or anything resembling the acclaim given to today’s ‘superstar’ DJ. And, while significant work still lies ahead, it is my hope that, in some small way, PRO MOTION has contributed to how the world now views electronic dance music.Though it’s said that ‘money greases the wheels of commerce’, ignorance is bliss as PRO MOTION remains naive enough to believe that our passion for the music far outweighs financial reward. And, while a nice by product of success, true wealth comes from loving what we do today as much as when I started the company thirty years ago – when cellular phones and the internet were only figments of one’s imagination.PRO MOTION is extremely grateful to be part of a business we hold in such high esteem and I ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart for contributing to my dreams and for being part of our professional family!Sincerely yours,Brad Mason LeBeauFounder : PRO MOTION


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