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Rapper Jim Jones Joins the Ranks of Rappers Turned Industry Executive, Hired at Koch


OK beneath the self-imposed grunge exterior, you had to know this brother had something to offer. The way he played the whole 50 Cent/ Camron controversy as an unlikely pawn in their beef, showed he had his own great marketing skills. In addition, Jones is one of the only artists to turn Koch, who has YET to advertise in , into more than a “retirement” label for acts with his projects. Don’t know if Alan Grunblat is still at the helm, I’ve not paid a lot of attention to Koch but it’s no surprise that Jim has decided to join other rappers like 50, Jay and Jermaine Dupri to dabble in the business end of the industry. My prediction? Jones will alter his image and take the gig seriously and make some impressive moves. It’s a great opportunity for him to hone his skills for life after rap. See story below.Koch Records has announced that Harlem, New York rapper Jim Jones has joined the company’s executive staff, as Vice President of Urban A&R. Jones will be responsible for signing and developing new talent for the Urban Division of Koch Records, which is the #1 independent record label in the United States.”It feels good to know that the hard work has been recognized by the same people that have helped me get to this point in my career, Jones told in a statement. “They recognize that I’m [to read the rest of the story go to]


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