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Rickey Smiley Adds 2 More Stations

Syndication One announces that the Rickey Smiley Morning Show will be heard on Clear Channel’s WJIZ in Albany , Georgia and WFBA in Columbus , Georgia beginning today April 27th.   Both Radio Stations are replacing Big Boy’s Neighborhood with the Smiley program.   Also recently added was Pittman Broadcasting’s KYMK in Lafayette , Louisiana bringing the fastest growing program in Urban radio up to almost 30 Radio Station s. “I’ve followed the show for over a year and I’m VERY excited to finally get it on my Radio Station ” , says Elvin Fluellen, PD WJIZ.

“Rickey is one of the most charismatic, funny voices on the stage that is now on radio” , says Derrick Greene, PD/Operations Manager, WBFA Columbus, Georgia, According to the February 09 PPM Monthly reports, the Rickey Smiley Morning Show achieved a number 1 ranking on KBFB Dallas with an 8.2 Share amongst Adults 18-34. Furthermore, the program jumped from 12th place to 4th place with Adults 18-34 in Atlanta over the same period of time vaulting to a 5.4 share on WHTA.

” Outstand ing PPM and diary results from a rapidly growing affiliate base have made Smiley’s program the obvious syndication option for reaching young adults” , says Gary Bernstein, President of Programming, Syndication One.


  1. This was the worst decision WJIZ could have made. Just watch to see what your rating will be in the morning. Everybody I have talked to hates the Ricky Smiley show. It is so horrible I can’t stand to turn the radio on. I use to love listening to Big Boi in the morning. Haven’t you all heard if it’s not broke don’t fix it or change it?


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