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Jalen Rose’s Sister Called Out by Rickey Smiley (Video)

Rickey Smiley got on a video to express his thoughts on the Jalen Rose situation. The morning show host says that just because Jalen Rose’s sister lived with their mother and took care of her, doesn’t mean the sister is entitled to stay in the house that Jalen bought for their mother after her passing.

American sports analyst and former professional basketball player Jalen Anthony Rose lost his mother Jeanne Rose to cancer in February 2021. Jalen’s sister Tamara Rose had been taking care of their mother at the house before she passed.

Tamara posted a video on Instagram following and recording Jalen walking through the house. “My MOTHER passed 20 Months ago! I am still grieving her loss!!! How dare you bring ANYBODY in here to go in My Mother’s room!!” Tamara wrote on Instagram.

Tamara continued, “This Man Jalen called me a squatter in front of a white woman who was a complete stranger!! SQUATTER??? REALLY?? I’ve lived here since 2019! Happily and was Honored to be ABLE to take care of My Mother and Grandmother in this Home until they BOTH PASSED!”

Rickey Smiley said if Jalen bought the house for his mother and his sister decided to move in with their mother, the important question is what the understanding was. They should have had a conversation and understanding about what happens to the house. 

Rickey added that just because she stayed with their mother doesn’t make her entitled. Jalen could have gotten someone to take care of their mother if she would not be available.

He continued that Tamara should have had a conversation about keeping the house either by renting or buying it, or having a rent-to-own on the house. Rickey remarked that it is sad that Tamara is antagonizing Jalen in an attempt to make him look bad because he is a public figure.

Rickey concluded the video by saying entitlement is a real problem in society and that Tamara’s attitude is not going to help her in the situation.

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