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Rickey Smiley Talks About Why He Went To The Emergency Room (VIDEO)

During a segment of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Rickey opened up about the reason he went to the emergency room. He expressed his gratitude for being alive and talked about how some of his former classmates had died due to heart attacks. 

Rickey had been experiencing chest pains for three days when his daughter took him to the emergency room. The chest pains caused him to be paranoid because of his age. While on his way to the emergency room, one of Rickey’s nephews was sick, and he told his mother to take him to the same emergency room he was going to, so they could be together and take care of things.

Rickey spent hours at the emergency room and had a number of tests done, including a CT (Computerized Tomography), EKG (electrocardiogram), and blood tests. Rickey also commended the doctors and nurses who were with him in the emergency room.

Rickey got emotional talking about Nephew Tommy’s situation. Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show is just recovering from his battle with thyroid cancer. Rickey revealed that Tommy is one of his best friends and that he had praying for him through his time battling thyroid cancer.

Rickey was grateful and said it was a blessing to be able to leave the hospital that night, go to bed and get enough rest to be able to get up and do his morning show. Rickey says initially, he was not going to do the morning show and planned on getting some rest, but his granddad encouraged him to get up and go to work because there was nothing wrong with his voice. 

Rickey took a moment to praise God and thank him for his grace. He dedicated a song to everyone that made it home from the hospital.

Rickey assured everyone that he is fine and that there is no need to worry.


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