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Royal Blu Gives View From The Outside In With “Hype” Visuals


Spanish Town born artiste, Royal Blu has once again teamed up with illustrator and filmmaker Ikem Smith on the visuals for his recent single “Hype”. Much like Blu’s “Style And Pattern” video, the semi-animated video replicates a stunning video game-like world, playing on Blu’s clever lyrics. “Hype” expands upon the misinterpretations outsiders may have looking in, without proper context.

“The idea Ikem had for the music video perfectly embodies that.” Blu says. “I might seem like a villain in this ‘game’, but I’m just a regular human being like everyone else.” 

In the video game, Royal Blu takes on various challenger identities in each scene, all while still maintaining his true self. This concept was chosen by Ikem as a way to further the connection between the subliminal meanings behind the song’s lyrics.

“What the video concept ended up being, at its core, was a representation of the struggle of dealing with people’s perception of you – which is what Blu wrote the song about,” Ikem said. “I came to the conclusion that the song is about self-acceptance; it’s a challenge dealing with what others have to say, but it’s ultimately about you.”

“Hype”, produced by Jamaica’s J.L.L. (Chronixx “Dela Move”, Govana & Protoje “In The City”, Masego “Navajo”) is one of Royal Blu’s most recent singles. It comes as a precursor to his upcoming full-length album which is slated to be released later this year by Delicious Vinyl Island. The now-released visuals were co-produced by Smith and Timothy ‘Quik Keyz’ Kahwa.

Available now via Royal Blu’s YouTube channel.


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